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SCREAM PRETTY Jewellery is finding its way to some very stylish celebrities from across the world; Actresses, Writers, bloggers, influencers, make-up artists, activists, entrepreneurs, and more. Strong, stylish women, each and everyone!. Each day we are excited to see who has tagged us on Instagram @screamprettystyle

Jodie Whittaker Actress Scream Pretty Jewellery    Hannah Martin Makeup Scream Pretty Jewellery
Zoe Sugg Scream Pretty Jewellery     Tegan Phillipa Scream Pretty Jewellery
LENA DUNHAM Scream Pretty Jewellery    Lisa Potter Dixon Scream Pretty Jewellery
   REX ADAMS model Scream Pretty Jewellery
Sammi Jeafcoate Scream Pretty Jewelllery   
Dress Like a Mum Scream Pretty Jewellery   
   Alice Catherine Scream Pretty Jewellery   
Jodie Whittaker Scream Pretty Jewellery   Amys Makeup Box Scream Pretty Jewellery
Kitty Luxe Scream Pretty Jewellery   
Gina Martin Activist Scream Pretty Jewellery