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Rock N Roll Bride

Kat Williams

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Magazine Editor & Creative Director

Kat Williams founder and editor of Rock n Roll Bride magazine has brought her passion for individuality to her Scream Pretty x Rock n Roll Bride collection. A creative director, publisher and author of Amazon #1 bestseller Rock n Roll Bride: The Ultimate Guide for Alternative Brides

Scream Pretty x Rock n Roll Bride

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Precious Hands Necklace by Scream Pretty
Precious Hands Necklace
From £195.00 View Product
Lightning Bolt Charm Gold Plated Charm by Scream Pretty
Lightning Bolt Charm
From £20.00 View Product
Gold Plated Letter Charm a Charm by Scream Pretty
Gold Plated Letter Charm
£20.00 View Product
Black Star Large Huggie Earrings by Scream Pretty
Large Black Star Huggie Earrings
£45.00 View Product
Spike Double Sided Stud Single Earring Sterling Silver Single Earring by Scream Pretty
Spike Double Sided Stud Single Earring
£50.00 View Product
Lightning Stud Earrings  earrings by Scream Pretty
Lightning Stud Earrings
£20.00 View Product

Get to know KAT- Q&A

How would you describe your style?

"My pink and tattoos tend to do all the talking so I actually keep my fashion pretty simple. I love wearing black, white and pink. I also like to be comfortable so my go-tos are dungarees, bodysuits where I don’t have to wear a bra and floaty midi skirts with boots or trainers."

What would be your go-to piece to wear to a summer wedding?

"Whatever makes you feel confident and fabulous. All black and definitely white are not really suitable for a wedding guest so I’d probably wear a monochromatic hot pink outfit which would include a bold chunky statement heel and maxi dress"

Love is All Around Necklace Rainbow by Scream Pretty
Love is All Around Necklace (Rainbow)
From £50.00 View Product
Celestial Dome Ring with Rainbow Stones by Scream Pretty
Celestial Dome Ring with Rainbow Stones
£65.00 View Product

Who’s your style icon – past/ present?

"I love the style of Courtney Love in the 90s, Angelina Jolie in the early 2000s and Harry Styles in the present day!"

Tell us a bit more about your jewellery story – why did you choose these particular pieces for your edit?

"I wanted a collection that any bride could see themselves in and take a couple of pieces for, whatever their style. That’s why we’ve broken the collection down into 4 mini collections – the gothic bride, the celestial bride, the classic bride and the rainbow bride. The great thing about our readers is that they all march to the beat of their own drum and have their own distinctive style. Here, there’s something for everyone!"

Claw Triple Band Open Ring by Scream Pretty
Claw Triple Band Open Ring
£65.00 View Product
Large Sparkling Starburst Necklace with Slider Clasp Silver Necklace by Scream Pretty
Large Sparkling Starburst Necklace with Slider Clasp
£55.00 View Product
Sparkling Star Threader Earrings by Scream Pretty
Sparkling Star Threader Earrings
£45.00 View Product
Celestial Set of 3 Single Stud Earrings  Earring Set by Scream Pretty
Celestial Set of 3 Single Stud Earrings
£30.00 View Product

What’s your favourite piece in the edit to style?

"I’m loving the gothic pieces right now – my carabiner and I’ve been wearing the pearl dagger necklace a lot, too. I love to stack the earrings and mix and match the styles and colours. Not everything has to be matchy matchy!"

Are you a silver/ gold girl or do you prefer mixing metals?

"I don’t mind mixing but generally I prefer gold."

Modern Pearl Ring by Scream Pretty
Modern Pearl Ring
£35.00 View Product
Pearl Twist Chain Necklace by Scream Pretty
Pearl Twist Chain Necklace
£70.00 View Product
Opal Trinity Set of Three Earrings Gold Plated Earring Set by Scream Pretty
Opal Trinity Set of Three Earrings
£55.00 View Product

You’ve directed 100’s of shoots! What’s been your favourite to date?

"There’s too many to choose and they’re all amazing in their own way!"

What’s your all time favourite piece of jewellery?

"A ring my mum gifted me when my dad passed away. It’s a gold ring with a pearl in the centre and diamonds around it and down the side. He gave it to her as a gift and she passed it onto me. It’s very special and I wear it every day and think of him."

What’s your favourite type of jewellery to style for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine?

"Anything bold and colourful. Bright pops of colour always stand out on the page and statement pieces make, well, more of a statement in editorials."