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Create your own curated ear with our silver & gold single earrings! From single hoop earrings to stunning single studs and chain drops, we have what you need to elevate your look.

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Why are single earrings perfect for the curated ear look?

Embrace the asymmetric ear look with our single earrings! Single earrings are a fantastic building block for a curated ear look. Their versatility lets you experiment and express yourself. Whether it's a delicate single gold earring or a bolder single earring hoop, you can create a unique composition. Starting with a single cartilage earring or a pair of single silver earrings is a great way to begin. They allow you to add more pieces later or use them to balance out a look with multiple piercings on one ear. With Scream Pretty single earrings, the possibilities for showcasing your style and rocking a curated ear are endless.

All of our single earrings silver and gold are crafted from sterling silver and 18ct gold plate meaning they are hypoallergenic. So not only are they good for the environment, they are kind to your skin.