Ten jewellery pieces you should own

Imagine your jewellery box as a wardrobe. In your wardrobe you have a capsule collection of basics, that are versatile, hard working pieces that compliment your style. The same theory applies to jewellery. 

You should own some basic pieces that will become the building blocks for your jewellery collection. The Scream Team hotly debated what should be included, but these made the top ten!

The Perfect Hoop
The perfect hoop, means, the perfect hoop - for you! It might have a chunky or flat profile, be dainty or large, but this timelessly stylish hoop will compliment most outfits, and can look dressy or casual depending on how you style it. Scream Pretty has MANY hoop options, because 'perfect' comes in all shapes and sizes.
Minimalist Stud Earrings
Stud Earrings can elevate a curate ear, simple, classy - sometimes less is more. We all start off with small studs, as this is what we wear after the initial piercing, but don't forget about these tiny nuggets of joy, small studs with or without stones are the foundation for every curated ear. At team Scream we love geometric shaped studs, or celestial inspired stars and moons. The perfect pair for you will compliment your personal style.
Statement Earrings Scream Pretty
Statement earrings, are the earrings that you put on for special occasions. They make you feel strong and sparkly. We love a charm hoop with an interesting design, which makes people draw a little closer for a look and a compliment. Personal favourites of our founder Lucy are the T Rex Hoops, Opal Starburst and the lightning bolt hoops.
Heirloom Jewellery Scream pretty
An heirloom piece, has sentimental value, a piece of jewellery passed down from Mother to Daughter, Aunt to Niece, friend to friend. This piece will often never be put away in the jewellery box, as it's to special to remove. Our founder Jessica wears a special large Amethyst charm, left to her by her Grandmother, and styles it with other charms from the Scream Pretty collection. Lucy has a charm bracelet created to represent the people she loves with each charm.
Modern Pearls Scream Pretty
Pearls are having their moment, they are no longer considered fusty relics from Grandma's dressing table. Pearls are gorgeous, they have a unique lustre the shines as you move, and gets better with wear. Pearls are the gems of the sea, and should be considered as essential Jewellery box pieces. We are obsessed with pearl drop earrings, especially the Hannah Martin Baroque Pearl Huggie earrings. Adorn your neck, fingers and ears with pearls, you wont regret it!
Versatile Chain Scream Pretty
This chain can be worn alone, for minimalist chic, layered up with multiple chains for the perfect layered look, you may even be able to adjust the length of the chain, to make it work with most necklines. Our current favourite chain is the long link , as you can wear as a choker with a dangling detail, and it looks so elegant when stacked. Find your perfect chain.
Ear Cuff
An ear cuff gives you edge. No painful piercings required, so this piece of jewellery really lets you explore different styles without having to commit. Once you discover the ear cuff, there is no going back - you will want to build your ear cuff collection fast. But start with one, if you feel bold, go for a chunky profile, if you prefer minimalist styling try a slim line cuff. Either way, you can build and stack your ear with as many as your ear will carry. Enjoy!
Huggie Earrings Scream Pretty
Huggie earrings are heroes, they go with everything, look amazing, and come in so many styles that you will find your perfect pair. These are the hard working, stay in, sleep in, bathe in, sky-dive in, party in, roll about in perfect earrings. We love them. You love them. Buy them, you will not regret this. 
Pendants By Scream Pretty
Pendants make you smile, they interpret your mood, your personality, your interests. The talking point pendant will make those who meet your for the first time, want to find out more about you. A lion head, for courage, your zodiac, a cassette tape, a oversized star or heart - this pendant will be the focal point of a layering look, or worn simply day to day by itself. Whatever you choose - this piece is your chance to express yourself
Stacking Rings
A stacking ring is the foundation of your ring stack. At the Scream HQ we love to wear the same style stacked up to add impact. A ring is the perfect compliment to a great mani. A perfect starter ring is the double band, as it's so versatile. You can wear as a midi ring, or adjust to fit any finger