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The Starburst Collection - it's out of this world...

Starburst jewellery is the must have for your jewellery collection. Here are the highlights of our growing and evolving starburst collection.

The Starburst is one of our most popular designs, so much so, that we have continued to evolve and expand this timeless collection. The Christmas season is the perfect time to get your sparkle on and showcase these designs, and just think it's a selfless act, others will enjoy looking at these dazzlers just as much as you enjoy wearing them.

Starburst Threader EarringsStarburst Threader Earrings

Christmas 2016 saw Scream Pretty's Starburst threader earrings become one of the best selling Christmas presents on so much so that they asked us to create a new updated version for their Christmas 2017 Campaign, so we are pleased to introduce the Starburst Bar threader.

Already sold out twice this year, the starburst stud earrings are a must have for subtle sparkle to take you from day to night, of the perfect second hole piercing design to treat your ears too! Another style tip - why not wear both stars in one ear.

Top tip, buy these studs quickly before the Christmas rush starts!

The starburst ring at only £19 is a must have, and makes the perfect stocking filler, as this ring is adjustable to all finger sizes. 

Starburst rings by Scream Pretty

Boutique's were lining up at our trade shows this year to take the starburst necklace with slider clasp, its dainty sparkling stars a style win, especially as you can adjust the length of the chain to suit your outfits neckline.

Starburst Bracelet with slider clasp by Scream Pretty

The bracelet is my personal favourite, and the slider bead clasp adjusts the bracelet so that the star design stays on top, and doesn't slip to the bottom of the wrist where it wont be appreciated - and it looks great when stacked with other designs.

Scream Pretty Bracelet Stack

Finally the starburst hoop earrings, (now back in stock) follow both the huggie earring trend and the starburst trend. These earrings, for me are really the stars of the show.

Scream Pretty Starburst Hoop Earring

Starburst Hoop Earrings BY Scream Pretty

What are your starburst favourites?  How you would like to see this collection evolve again in 2018?

We hope these pieces add to your sparkle on many memorable starry, starry nights  x

aimee boyle in Starburst threader earrings 2017



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